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Amazing Smile Children's Centre was started in the year 2012. We started with a humble background where we started by supporting 5 Orphans; we provided them with shelter, food, clothing and Education.

The number of orphans and destitute kids’ cases increases day by day and we have many more to rescue thus the number of the orphans has constantly risen at the centre. Currently we support over 60 orphans both at the centre and home based care.

Our organization strives to improve access to basic needs for the orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya. The future for these children was bleak. They were more likely to drop out of school, commit crimes, become teen parents and depend upon government assistance. Not only do these outcomes affect the future of our children, but they affect the future of our country's economy and ability to compete in a global workforce.

Children under the age of fourteen (14) years are thus admitted into out care and their basic needs taken care of, plus education all through until they finish college.