Amazing Smile Children's  Foundation

 Give a future, Keep the Smile


This is the program that is geared to assist our children access safe and reliable shelter to make them feel at home; a home they can call their own. We ensure that our kids who are home based care mostly are safe with care givers, guardians and other well wishers who help us house them and take care of them. 

 Our children need to feel comfortable and free to express themselves as a crucial step to their integration into society. An informal and transparent environment allows all members to speak and share freely about their problems, which creates an atmosphere that is conducive to growth and learning

Your Donation

Your donation will help us ensure they kid have proper bedding, Good shelter and good care giver.

Food or Nutrition Program 

The Program was developed in order to provide our children   with a wide array and preparation of nutritious foods, clean drinking water, and the development of healthy eating habits.

Our Home based children are provided with food supply in every month to ensure they don't starve. 

Donations made to the food Program are used to finance the high cost of accessing fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy grains, and nutritious proteins. The donation will also used to finance agricultural projects like goats rearing, poultry, cattle , vegetable production for self sustainability and supplement food from the market.


Your Monthly Donation

Your monthly donation is dedicated first and foremost to the access of healthy food by your sponsored child or every child we take of .