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Our community is now facing with hard situation of covid -19 where now  food is running out for  the orphans and the entire poor community.They have been asked to stay home to combat the disease. They can't get income as they no longer work. The schools are closed and the children are at home. We are trying to get food, sanitizers, face masks. We want to curb the spread and survive. We need your help to make our efforts go even further! You can help us safe lives. Your support is crucial to our efforts to curb the spread of covid -19 as our country health system is sick. If you’re able, we’d love it if you could make a donation to help us achieve our mission.
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Welcome to Amazing Smile Children's Foundation

At our organisation, we unlock the potential of at-risk children and families by  providing a safe and nurturing environment that improves lives and empowers at-risk children and families in Kenyan communities.  


Every penny you donate for this cause is spent on Orphans and at-risk children.

  • Paying for  Education
  • Providing  Medical Care
  • Food & Clothing 
  • Shelter and safe Home
  • Youth Training and mentorship

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PO BOX 44-40500

A word from the Founder

As a donor, your help will go a long way in providing a child with sustainable access to appropriate and necessary basics like nutritious food, clean water, proper healthcare, and quality education. 

We Love you all our donors, sponsors and Partners 

Mr. Jared Mogendi

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To take into our care orphaned, destitute and vulnerable children; to rekindle in them the sense that they are special thus creating purpose and adding meaning to their lives. To provide for their basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, education and medical needs as well as provide a home that will bring them up in the way of the lord and help them achieve their maximum potential in all aspects of their lives.



To ensure that any and all children, who are orphaned, destitute or abandoned, gets an equal chance to achieve great potential by having ready and continuous access to all basic needs, healthy environment, love, care and most of all; quality education.

Medical Program


Our Medical  Program was developed to provide our children  with medical cared. This is sponsorship-funded program  where monthly donations go towards financing regular medical and dental exams, emergency doctor and dentist visits, prescription medications, hospitalization, etc. for our children

Food and shelter programs


This program provides food and ensure  all our children  don't sleep hungry, they have clothes and safe home . Its is also sponsorship program funded  where monthly donations goes to financing  in purchasing clothes, shoes, food, bedding, safe home with care takers

Education Program


Helping the most hard-to-reach children access quality education & training and enabling them to be productive  members of  the   community.